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Vijaya Bhaskar: A Maestro’s Journey from Engineering to Melody

Sung A Chin

Vijaya Bhaskar – The Engineer Turned Composer

Vijaya Bhaskar, a talented engineer who transitioned into the world of music composition, made a significant impact on the Indian music industry. Moving from Chennai to Bengaluru in the 1990s, Bhaskar’s journey was not just marked by his musical brilliance but also by his pioneering efforts in establishing a performing rights (royalty) system, ensuring that artists received their due recognition and compensation.

Bhaskar’s career is often celebrated for his legendary association with the acclaimed director Puttanna Kanagal. Together, they created timeless music for an astonishing 720 films, leaving an indelible mark on the Indian film industry. As we commemorate his birth centenary, we pay tribute to one of India’s most prolific and influential composers.

A Legacy of Musical Brilliance – Vijaya Bhaskar

Born in 1924, Vijaya Bhaskar’s career spanned several decades, during which he became one of the most active composers of his time. His collaboration with Puttanna Kanagal was particularly noteworthy, as it brought a distinctive literary quality to his songs, reflecting Kanagal’s deep engagement with Kannada literature.

Bhaskar’s innovative approach to music set him apart from his contemporaries. Unlike many who simply replicated Western tunes, Bhaskar drew inspiration from them, transforming and reimagining them into original compositions. A prime example of his ingenuity is his adaptation of the theme from ‘Come September’ into the song ‘Tutiya mele tunta kirunage’. By altering the time signature and orchestral arrangement, Bhaskar created a completely new and unique melody that stood on its own.

An Unforgettable Maestro

Vijaya Bhaskar’s contributions to the music industry are remembered and cherished by his peers and music enthusiasts alike. His ability to blend Western influences with Indian musical traditions created a rich and diverse musical landscape. His dedication to his craft and his innovative spirit continue to inspire new generations of composers.

As we celebrate the birth centenary of Vijaya Bhaskar, we honor his extraordinary contributions to music and his efforts to uplift and support fellow artists. His legacy is not just in the melodies he created but also in the standards he set for artistic integrity and creativity.

Selected Works of Vijaya Bhaskar

Below is a curated list of some of the notable tracks composed by Vijaya Bhaskar, showcasing his versatility and enduring influence in the Indian music scene:

Besuge Besuge Ringtone DownloadVani Jairam, S. P. BalasubrahmanyamBesuge03:57
Besuge Besuge Ringtone DownloadVani Jairam, S. P. BalasubrahmanyamRetro Romantic Hits Of Srinath Manjula03:57
Sri Chamundeshwari Devi Ringtone DownloadK J YesudasJaya Devi Jagadeeshwari Devi Devotional Songs04:25
Belli Modave Yelli Oduve Ringtone DownloadVani Jairam, S. P. BalasubrahmanyamVasanthalakshmi03:09
Pibare Raamarasam Ringtone DownloadS. P. BalasubrahmanyamKannada Devotionals of SPB06:28
Yaava Huvvu Yaara Mudigo Ringtone DownloadS. P. BalasubrahmanyamBesuge04:25
Snehada Kadalalli Ringtone DownloadS. P. BalasubrahmanyamShubha Mangala03:36
O Gelathi Ringtone DownloadS. P. Balasubrahmanyam, Vani JairamNinagagi Ella Ninagagi Best Songs Of Dr. Vishnuvardhan03:13
Aagayam Thaane Ringtone DownloadS. P. Balasubrahmanyam, Vani JairamManippoor Maamiyaar-Soundaryame Varuga Varuga-Atthanaiperum Utthamarthana04:48
Kum Kuma Iruvudhe Ringtone DownloadS. P. BalasubrahmanyamUyyale04:22
O GUNAVANTHA Ringtone DownloadS. JanakiMASANADA HOOVU (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)04:35
Haavina Dwesha Hanneradu Varusha Ringtone DownloadS. P. BalasubrahmanyamNanna Haadu Nannadu – Dr. Vishnuvardhan03:24
Mounave Abharana Ringtone DownloadP.B. SreenivasThoogudeepa02:55
Utthara Dhruvadim Ringtone DownloadP.B. Sreenivas, P. SusheelaSharapanjara03:34
Kodagina Kaaveri Ringtone DownloadP.B. Sreenivas, P. SusheelaSharapanjara03:39
Bhagavantha Kaikotta Ringtone DownloadP.B. SreenivasMannina Maga03:01
Yaava Huvvu Yaara Mudigo Ringtone DownloadS. P. BalasubrahmanyamThe Magic of SPB – Kannada04:26
Belli Modada Ringtone DownloadP.B. Sreenivas, P. SusheelaBellimoda03:31
Suryangu Chandrangu Ringtone DownloadK.S.L. SwamyShubha Mangala04:28
Haavina Dwesha Hanneradu Varusha Ringtone DownloadS. P. BalasubrahmanyamVishnuvardhan – Hit Songs Collection03:24
Kannada Naadina Veeraramaniya Ringtone DownloadP.B. SreenivasVishnuvardhan – Hit Songs Collection09:00
Ee Lokavella Neena Iruva (Happy) Ringtone DownloadP.B. SreenivasDevaru Kotta Thangi03:54
Belli Modave Yelli Oduve Ringtone DownloadS. P. Balasubrahmanyam, Vani JairamVishnuvardhan – Hit Songs Collection03:09
Hadinalku Varusha Ringtone DownloadP. SusheelaSharapanjara03:36
Nee Tanda Kaanike Ringtone DownloadS. Janaki, P.B. SreenivasHrudaya Sangama03:23
Cheluvina Kale Ringtone DownloadP. SusheelaUyyale03:24
Shubhamangala Ringtone DownloadVani Jairam, P.B. SreenivasShubha Mangala04:05
Biligiri Rangayya Neene Helayya Ringtone DownloadP. SusheelaSharapanjara03:14
Samsaram Enbathu Ringtone DownloadS. P. BalasubrahmanyamMayangugiral Oru Maadhu04:27
Ellidde Illeethanka Ringtone DownloadS. P. BalasubrahmanyamEllindalobandavaru02:46
Kaamalada Hoovinda Ringtone DownloadP.B. SreenivasBalu Belagithu03:40
Vasantha Baredanu Ringtone DownloadVani Jairam, S. P. BalasubrahmanyamBesuge04:27
Haavina Dwesha Hanneradu Varusha Ringtone DownloadS. P. BalasubrahmanyamThe Magic of SPB – Kannada03:24
HINDUSTHANAVU YENDHU -FEMALE Ringtone DownloadB. R. ChayaAMRUTHA GHALIGE (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)03:52
Naane Rajakumara Ringtone DownloadP.B. SreenivasDr. Rajkumar Special03:07
Snehada Kadalalli Ringtone DownloadS. P. BalasubrahmanyamThe Magic of SPB – Kannada03:37
Naane Rajakumara Ringtone DownloadP.B. SreenivasBhagyada Bagilu03:07
Naguva Cheluva Mogava Ringtone DownloadS. P. Balasubrahmanyam, S. JanakiNinagaagi Naanu03:18
Hoovondu Ringtone DownloadR.N. SudarshanShubha Mangala03:18
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