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Rattan Mohan Sharma Ringtone Download

Sung A Chin

Rattan Mohan Sharma (born 14 June 1971) is an Indian classical vocalist, belonging to the Mewati gharana. He performs classical music forms such as khyal and tarana as well as light classical forms such as Haveli Sangeet, Tappa and Bhajan as well as Rajasthani Folk. He is considered an “A” grade artist on All India Radio[citation needed].

Sharma was born in Rajasthan to Padma and Mohan Lal Sharma. He is the nephew and a disciple of classical vocalist, PanditJasraj. His affinity for percussion instruments in his youth led Sharma to practice tabla up to the age of 15. Over the years, he has trained under Pandit Jasraj.

Rattan Mohan Sharma in 1995
He belongs to the Mewati Gharana and belongs to the family of vocalists such as Motiram, Maniram, Pratap Narayan, and Jasraj. He has performed in many concerts and festivals in India and abroad. As a playback singer he has performed in the mythological film Dashavatar (2009).

He performs regularly at the classical music festival Pandit Motiram Pandit Maniram Sangeet Samaroh organized by Jasraj.

Rattan Mohan Sharma Ringtone Download Mp3

Ringtone DownloadArtistsAlbumDuration
1. Bajrang Baan – Ringtone DownloadBajrang Baan, Rattan Mohan SharmaHanuman II09:30
2. Ram Dhun – Ringtone DownloadRam Dhun, Rattan Mohan SharmaShri Ram03:48
3. Hanuman Dhun – Ringtone DownloadHanuman Dhun, Rattan Mohan SharmaHanuman II08:23
4. Sankatmochan Hanumanashtaka – Ringtone DownloadSankatmochan Hanumanashtaka, Rattan Mohan SharmaHanuman The Spectacular Power of Devotion08:23
5. Hanuman Chalisa – Ringtone DownloadHanuman Chalisa, Rattan Mohan SharmaHanuman II11:24
6. Rama Raksha Stotra – Ringtone DownloadRama Raksha Stotra, Rattan Mohan SharmaShri Ram26:17
7. Shivraksha – Ringtone DownloadShivraksha, Sanjeev AbhyankarThe Holy Trinity06:29
8. Shiv Panchakshar – Ringtone DownloadShiv Panchakshar, Sanjeev AbhyankarThe Holy Trinity04:49
9. Vadvanal Stotra – Ringtone DownloadVadvanal Stotra, Rattan Mohan SharmaHanuman II06:43
10. Shree Ram Chandra Kripalu Bhajmana – Ringtone DownloadShree Ram Chandra Kripalu Bhajmana, Rattan Mohan SharmaShri Ram05:08
11. Ashta Shloki – Hanumat Stuti – Ringtone DownloadAshta Shloki – Hanumat Stuti, Rattan Mohan SharmaHanuman II06:54
12. Bhimarupi Shloka – Ringtone DownloadBhimarupi Shloka, Rattan Mohan SharmaHanuman II07:08
13. Ashtottarshata Namavali – Ringtone DownloadAshtottarshata Namavali, Rattan Mohan SharmaHanuman The Spectacular Power of Devotion16:18
14. Navdurga – Ringtone DownloadNavdurga, Rattan Mohan SharmaDurgotsav04:01
15. Hanumant Raksha Kavach – Ringtone DownloadHanumant Raksha Kavach, Rattan Mohan SharmaHanuman Raksha Kavach26:35
16. Hanumad – Gayatri – Ringtone DownloadHanumad – Gayatri, Rattan Mohan SharmaHanuman II00:35
17. Gayatri Mantra – Ringtone DownloadRattan Mohan SharmaSurya02:55
18. Ram Lakshman Janaki – Ringtone DownloadRattan Mohan Sharma45:56
19. Shloka – Ringtone DownloadShloka, Rattan Mohan SharmaShri Ram01:02
20. Hanuman Chalisa-Rattan Mohan Sharma – Ringtone DownloadHanuman Chalisa-Rattan Mohan Sharma, Rattan Mohan SharmaHanuman Chalisa – 10 Greatest Renditions11:25
21. Surya Prarthana – Ringtone DownloadSurya Prarthana, Rattan Mohan SharmaSurya01:23
22. Signature Prayer By Pandit Jasraj – Ringtone DownloadSignature Prayer By Pandit Jasraj, Pandit JasrajShri Ram00:54
23. Commentary – Ringtone DownloadCommentary, Rattan Mohan SharmaHanuman II03:57
24. Hanuman Dhyana Mantra (2 Times) – Ringtone DownloadHanuman Dhyana Mantra (2 Times), Rattan Mohan SharmaHanuman II02:46
25. Naam Ramayan – Ringtone DownloadNaam Ramayan, Harish BhimaniShri Ram10:41
26. Achchyutam – Ringtone DownloadAchchyutam, Rattan Mohan SharmaThe Holy Trinity08:57
27. Shri Ganesh Dhyan Mantra – Ringtone DownloadShri Ganesh Dhyan Mantra, Pandit Jasraj, Shankar Mahadevan, Rattan Mohan Sharma, Ram Shankar, Uday BhavalkarMahamantras (Compilation)03:01
Sung A Chin


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