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Anitha Ringtone Download

Sung A Chin

Anitha Karthikeyan, often known as Anitha, is a renowned Indian Playback singer. With a repertoire spanning over 250 film songs, predominantly in South Indian languages like Tamil, Telugu, Malayalam, and Kannada, she has left an indelible mark on the music industry.

It was her mesmerizing rendition of “Mannavane Mannavane” from the 2015 Tamil movie Puli that truly catapulted her to fame. Initially acclaimed for her mellifluous and classical-based melodies, she later gained recognition for her dynamic performances in fast-paced hit numbers. In 2010, she clinched the prestigious Vijay Music Award in the popular mass song category for her stellar rendition of “Vaada Vaada Paiya” from the Tamil film Kacheri Arambam.

Anitha Ringtone Download
Anitha Ringtone Download

Anitha is also celebrated for her contributions to TV commercials, lending her voice to memorable jingles. Furthermore, she has lent her vocal prowess to several TV serial title tracks, including “Achuvellam Pacharasi Mavilakku” for the series Kula Deivam. Beyond the studio, Anitha has graced numerous live concerts both in India and abroad, including performances with the legendary Ilaiyaraaja’s orchestras.

Anitha Ringtone Download MP3

Anitha Ringtone Download MP3
Anitha Ringtone Download MP3
Violin Song Ringtone DownloadDavid Simon, AnithaIdharammayilatho04:23
Idhedho Bagundhe Ringtone DownloadVijay Prakash, AnithaMirchi04:27
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Athiri Chirabara Ringtone DownloadHemachandra, AnithaDaruvu04:20
Hey Vaada Vaada Ringtone DownloadM.L.R. Karthikeyan, AnithaKacheri Aarambam05:13
Sita Rama Charitham Ringtone DownloadAnitha, KeerthanaSri Rama Rajyam06:33
Ayyayyo Ringtone DownloadRavi Verma, UshaNuvvu Nenu05:09
Dol Dol Dol Bhaje Ringtone DownloadM.L.R. Karthikeyan, AnithaMr Perfect04:32
Haagella Nee Nodabeda Ringtone DownloadHaricharan, AnithaPrithvi04:42
Kothani Ringtone DownloadAnitha, Mlr KarthikChandi Veeran05:06
Rama Rama Ane Ringtone DownloadShweta Mohan, AnithaSri Rama Rajyam04:33
Senga Soola Kaara Ringtone DownloadAnithaVaagai Sooda Vaa03:38
Mangalamu Ramunaku Ringtone DownloadAnitha, KeerthanaSri Rama Rajyam00:53
Gunnamavi Ringtone DownloadMallikarjun Mansur, UshaNuvvu Nenu04:19
Priyatama(Usha) Ringtone DownloadUshaNuvvu Nenu01:41
Early Morning Ringtone DownloadArjun Janya, AnithaDil Rangeela03:57
Ole Ole Ringtone DownloadAnitha, Jassie GiftIn Ghost House Inn04:43
Priyatama(Usha) Ringtone DownloadUshaEvergreen Hits Of Usha01:41
Sita Rama Charitham Ringtone DownloadAnitha, Keerthana SabarishSri Rama Navami Bhakti Patalu06:34
Kakka Kakka Ringtone DownloadAnithaJulie Ganapathi06:27
Seetha Rama Saritham Ringtone DownloadAnitha, Shweta MohanSri Rama Rajyam – Sri Rama Navami Special06:31
Rama Rama Ane Ringtone DownloadShweta Mohan, AnithaSri Rama Navami Bhakti Patalu04:33
Saama Kodaangi Ringtone DownloadVel Murugan, Jayamoorthy, AnithaKadamban03:24
Dol Dol Dol Bhaje Ringtone DownloadM. L. R. Karthikeyan, AnithaKalyanam Kamaneeyam04:32
Ram Rama Rama Ringtone DownloadShweta Mohan, Anitha, Chinmayi SripadaSri Rama Rajyam – Sri Rama Navami Special04:32
When Iam With Ringtone DownloadAnitha, Biju PeterIn Ghost House Inn03:08
Mangalamu Ramunaku Ringtone DownloadAnitha, Keerthana SabarishSri Rama Navami Bhakti Patalu00:54
Mangalame Ramanukku Ringtone DownloadAnitha, Chinmayi SripadaSri Rama Rajyam – Sri Rama Navami Special00:52
Neekai Vechey Kanulake Ringtone DownloadAnithaJuliet Lover Of Idiot04:32
Rama Rama Ringtone DownloadHaricharan, AnithaPrema Baraha05:58
Malare Ringtone DownloadShweta Mohan, Anitha, BhargaviBy the People03:51
Idhedho Bagundhe Ringtone DownloadVijay Prakash, AnithaRamajogayya Sastry04:26
Vennela Deepam Ringtone DownloadRaghu KuncheAha Naa Pellanta03:24
Chinthakayalamme Ringtone DownloadDivya Malika, TonyCheater03:50
Idhedho Bagundhe Ringtone DownloadVijay Prakash, AnithaDSP Special04:27
Naa Gundelo Ringtone DownloadSandeep, UshaEvergreen Hits Of Usha04:49
Violin Song Ringtone DownloadDavid Simon, AnithaDSP Special04:23
Sita Rama Charitham Ringtone DownloadAnitha, KeerthanaAntha Raamamayam ( Sri Rama Navami Special Songs )06:33
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